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Our Newest Sass


Our newest Sassterpiece commentary for David Lynch's Dune is available for Purchase. This is the comic commentary audio track to sync up with your own copy of the movie.

Preview the Sass


Want a taste of the fun? We've got it right here for you. Just play the video and enjoy.

About Us


Sassterpiece Theatre is dedicated to bringing you a fully immersive movie mocking experience. In addition to audio tracks or combined movie and commentary files, we offer themed food/drink recipes, playlists, and more!

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Meet the Sassters

These three gutbustingly-funny, no-holds-barred commedians will be your guides through the sassiest take on movies around. Kei Hoffmann, Timothy Eggert, and Michael Paras bring the fun right to your couch.

Kei Hoffmann

Kei Hoffmann is an artist and entertainer that grew up watching MST3K and has since used it as a catch-all excuse to never shut up. She loves birds and hopes to one day replace the other Sassters with a conure and a caique.

Timothy Eggert

Timothy Eggert is an award winning actor in the Houston area. A notable Whovian, he also hosts the extremely occasional theatre podcast, Strutting and Fretting.                                                                                         

Michael Paras

Michael Paras is a stand-up comic who has been irritating to watch movies with his whole life. This project completes his lifelong dream of having his picture up on the internet.                                            

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