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Friday May 24 @ 10:00 PM CT

Saturday May 25 @ 10:00 PM CT

Dune (1984 Alan Smithee Edition) - Live at Comicpalooza!

Sassterpiece Theatre once again performs LIVE at Comicpalooza!


Join us at Comicpalooza on Friday (5/24) AND Saturday (5/25) nights at 10pm, as we will need more than one session to get through the monstrosity that is the 1984 Dune TV adaptation! Unfamiliar with this version? It's the Dune (1984) that you know and love, plus a bunch of expository oil paintings and unused footage that should have stayed that way! It's such a bonkers mess that even David Lynch wouldn't put his name on it.

Up-to-date scheduling (in case something changes) can be found on the Comicpalooza app and at

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