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From legendary stop-motion animation master Ray Harryhausen and the riffers who brought you SASSTERPIECE PRESENTS: LOGAN’S RUN, comes SASSTERPIECE PRESENTS: CLASH OF THE TITANS!

Join us LIVE ON TWITCH Wednesday, April 27th at an earlier time (7pm) for comedy of mythical proportions!

Why CLASH OF THE TITANS? Wasn’t Peter Ustinov’s beard enough the last time? Can we not do movies without an actor who was also in DUNE*? Easy: we got paid to do this one! Be sure to join us not only for the movie, but for the Messflix Auction that chooses the next live Sassterpiece riff!

But wait, there's more! Watch this space for custom-made drink recipes, made to go with our own exclusive Sassterpiece Theatre CLASH OF THE TITANS Drinking Game.

Please forward this invite to your friends for a guaranteed evening of laughs AND Hellenistic modes of transportation! IYKYK

* it’s Siân Phillips this time

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