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Dune Specialty Drink Recipes
because the liquor must flow
Drink - Dune - Burning Bene Gesserit.jpg
Drink - Dune - Water of Life.jpg
Drink - Dune - Juice of Sapho.jpg
Drink - Dune - Melange.jpg
Sassterpiece Theatre presents Dune (1984)
Arrakis. Dune. Desert planet...


Travel to the far reaches of the universe in the year 10,191, where drug induced interstellar travel brings on cosmic war and other wackiness! Enjoy our comedy commentary as Michael, Kei, and Tim riff along to this David Lynch classic... er, is it a classic? I guess we can call it a classic.


Note: this commentary track is audio-only with sync instructions at the beginning. You will need a copy of David Lynch’s 1984 theatrical version of Dune to play along with our commentary.


As of July 2021, our track syncs well with the 2011 U.S. Blu-ray, HBO Max, VUDU, Amazon Video and most likely other streaming options.

Written and Performed by

Michael Paras
Kei Hoffman

Timothy Eggert


Technical Assistance

Matthew Hoffman

Edited by

Ritchard Napierkowski

Cyrus Rua
Timothy Eggert

Sassterpiece Theatre presents
DUNE - The Drinking Game


Note: This game is designed to get you wasted. If you play this game, we recommend you do so in a place where you don’t have to drive for several hours after the movie is over. We ask that you take the time to recover fully before operating heavy machinery or a motor vehicle. Please drink responsibly.

Sip any time
  • Michael says “kinky”, “safe word”, or makes that water dripping noise

  • A Star Trek, Doctor Who, Disney, Game of Thrones, Tolkien, Twin Peaks, or a

    Band of the Hand reference is made

  • Anyone says “snooze”

  • Anyone makes an homage to Mystery Science Theater 3000 (hi-keeba, gymkata, rock ‘em sock ‘em robots, movie sign)

  • Anything political comes up

  • Anything sexual comes up (Get it? Comes up? Heh heh)

  • Any drug reference is dropped

  • We’re self-important enough to talk over important dialogue (subtitles


  • Kei says “gross”

Chug any time
  • Tim parodies one of Sting’s songs

  • Kei mentions sexism or toxic masculinity

  • Ted arrives

  • We chant “chug, chug, chug....”

  • Anyone sings during the end credits

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